Tumblr users christine-g-abagail and peacherboy1 were enjoying to show the froggin’ ass and I showed their phone’s screens with giant butt frogs! O-O

I have flu

I hate Winter because I have allergy by weather change. -_-;

C’mon to come back Spring!

Reblog if you want a cute message right now, no matter if it’s anon or not.

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Oh the gamebanana community is pretty toxic, they know no reasoning. I just recommend getting a bunch of people to flag it until it's taken down

I know, that’s looking art thief. T_T

In the case, you can find my sign where’s in my FNAF picture:


Looking bad quality because the gif, oh no I can’t. D:

But there’s not permission to credit me where I found once a site:


And for these comments I thank them for the attention the credit from my original picture.

are you aware that someone's using one of your FNAF images as a team fortress 2 spray and not giving you any credit? tf2 gamebanana com/sprays/70765

I saw it once yeah, this isn’t permission to credit me.




Foxy, the derpy pirate fox!


Foxy, the derpy pirate fox!

Platoony, do you have a picture of Kururu's ass I could possibly use? And like Kururu's ass from the show, just to be specific