Why is Dororo so popular?

Thanks everyone who drew lots of Dororitos this year!!! Yeeeeeah *dancing*

Bonus: tumblr user kurudo there’s over 5 posts of Dororo per day, too much Nekomimi Dororos omg! bless.

Thanks for not forget at my baby~!


Yeeee I loved it when I was child!

Adventure Time!

Yeeeee looks fun!

sgt frog! [for the doodle thingy]

Dororo plz

Put a fandom in my ask and I will draw a sketch of my favourite character in that fandom for you.

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Space Kitty!

Space Kitty!

i love meow! <3 He is very cute UwU

Thank you!! xD

Reblog if you have this:


…and are willing to share it with people that want to get to know you